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Top 10 Black Hat SEO Techniques That Will Boost Your Site Traffic

Today, I’ll talk about BLACK HAT SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Generally many expert is define is SEO definition –

SEO is the way of increasing the quality of article & quantities of visitor, both are play the important role of increase the quality & quantity in our website.”

Top 10 Black Hat SEO Techniques That Will Boost Your Site Traffic
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We also know that’s, SEO is play very important roles in boost in your website traffic. Main SEO is divided are mostly 2 types:

  • White SEO
  • Black SEO

We are also generally used in white hat SEO in our website. Again, White hat SEO is divided in 2 types is:-



ON-PAGE SEO is optimizing website pages in order to rank higher & earn more revenue, traffic in your website. It’s also help for crate a internal links to your website.

For example, if you write a article on weight loss so you can highlight a weight loss word under your article.


OFF-PAGE SEO is similar as a referral technique, it’s improve your website position in Google search result page. Many people associate OFF-PAGE SEO is link building only so it’s not sufficient you can create social marketing, Use Referrals Techniques etc.

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According to Google, If Google found that you can used to black hat techniques for increase your website traffic then Google can blocked your GOOGLE ADSENSE account. It’s a very bad technique for SEO purpose only. I’ll explain few most important SEO point as:

  • Website Over Optimization
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Over Optimized Alt Description
  • Commercial Anchor Text On Internal Pages
  • Irrelevant Keywords
  • Linking Over Optimization
  • Hidden/invisible Text & Links
  • Copied Content
  • Content Automation
  • Web Rings
  • Guest Post Spam
  • Link Exchange


1. Keyword Stuffing

Top 10 Black Hat SEO Techniques That Will Boost Your Site Traffic
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Keyword stuffing is very popular in 19th century. First of all, we are explain what is keyword stuffing so: When you are write article in particular any single keywords like movie, games, blogger, Google ad sense, shoutmeloud etc, after write your article you want to add your focus keywords like shoutmeloud in multi times as like 10-100+ means repeating again a again so this type of technique we are saying in keyword stuffing.

2. Over-Optimized Alt Description

This type of technique is mostly used in 2019, it’s similar like a keyword stuffing they found by search engine crawler. The most important you should be writing a medium length of description under your image.

3. Commercial Anchor Text on Internal Pages

Top 10 Black Hat SEO Techniques That Will Boost Your Site Traffic
Top 10 Black Hat SEO Techniques That Will Boost Your Site Traffic

It’s similar as keyword stuffing technique, if you read an above 2 articles in Keyword stuffing & -Optimized Alt Description so you easily understand this technique. Basically, it’s a white hat SEO technique you can easily used this technique under your article. I want to recommend you can add good quality SEO, Non-Copyright image, write 1000+ word article length & insert your video under your article. If you can insert in this all parameter under your article I’m sure Google are rank your article within a week. After, rank your article you can regular insert or update under your ranked article because your competitor are follow your technique in our article after few days they can again rank your article. You want to add your few article related screenshot; it’s a plus point in your articles.

4. Irrelevant Keywords

Irrelevant keywords is a keywords stuffing, it’s refer or push your article in web page with keywords. It’s a technique of SEO for rank any article in short period of times if your website under a word press so you can fill your right side available box as tags, meta tags, description or back links (Internal or External). This type of technique is called as such as “Irrelevant Keywords/Keywords Stuffing” 

5. Linking Over-Optimization

Linking Over-Optimization is too much good & too much bad, its a true line of SEO. You know [SEO] is awesome, if you can insert high call [SEO] in your any article so its cause of a over linking optimization. I want to told few point in a this technique as:

  1. Over-Optimization used to work
  2.  Over-Optimization does not work anymore.
  3. Over-Optimization is not what it to be used.

 NOTE: I want to told you, most important sign in over optimization in your site.

  • Keyword rich anchors for internal links
  • Non-relevant keywords
  • Pointing all Internal & External links to top level navigation page.
  • Using multi times H1s on a page because H1 is mean heading of your articles or page you can easily add your target keywords under H1s heading.
  • Linking to toxic sites.
  • Keywords Stuffed footers.
  • Non-branded, keywords dense URLs

If you want to know more knowledge about this 7 point/sign you CLICK HERE

6. Hidden/Invisible Text and Links

Hidden Text & links is very famous technique & its very easy, this type of technique generally used in movie, games related website. Suppose that’s your website under this keywords & you want to increasing your traffic by using this technique so first of all, you can write your article minimum 1000+ word & before adding a games or movie image under your article. Now, your question is how can add this technique in our image so my friends don’t worry first of all, you can insert your image in blogger/word press website after adding you can change size of image suppose you can choose a thumbnail size so you can write/add your 100-1000+ keywords below image & choose your keywords color is white after doing all think, you can wait & watch your articles will be ranks in few days. 


1. Copied Content

Copied content means you can copy your competitor articles and paste in our site after few change. Many people are observes many articles related to keywords & then those write a best articles in own language as Hindi, English, Urdu etc.

2. Content Automation

Many tools are available Content Automation, this tools are generate articles is automatic and publish your site without any effort. The automated content is written with no intent for the user, and doesn’t have any format or style whatsoever, without pictures, HTML headings, paragraph spacing and alignment etc. But when you using all technique under your site so may be after few months your site ranking is automatic decrease. I can tell you, you can use this technique under your articles or site. You can choose only safe way.


1. Web Rings

Top 10 Black Hat SEO Techniques That Will Boost Your Site Traffic
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Web Rings is a circle of few website that are connected between them in a circular network to rank and get traffic from related websites create a web ring, many person are crate a very complicated web rings in our website. when any visitor are visit those website. 

2. Guest Post Spam

Many people are giving to opportunity to guest post. You know, what is guest posting? The Guest Posting is any one is post our articles in another site and easily created a 1 back links. You can create a guest post in our website for increase site traffic.

3. Link Exchange

Top 10 Black Hat SEO Techniques That Will Boost Your Site Traffic
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Link Exchange means any two website are exchange our website links.

For Example: Website A is added our link in website B & Website B is adding our link in website A.

It’s a black hat SEO technique if you can add any another site link to our website or article so you can give a permission your those site owner in inter your website and delete our content, change your content etc. easily without any effort.

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Top 10 Black Hat SEO Techniques That Will Boost Your Site Traffic
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