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(english story) Once upon a time there lived a rather foolish king who thought that only boys could rule a kingdom so when a daughter was born to him he did not want her and had the baby kept all alone on a stone in the deepest part of the forest at first the child enjoyed playing with the leaves and grass that grew around it but soon it’s very warm colours and began crying a mother bear in a cave nearby heard her and came to her with her little cub Oh child for fee who left her here what kind of affair is this mother I have never seen one like it before (english story) look at its paws they are so different well that is because she is a human bear darling I like her can we ever stay with us mother oh yes we can I would not let her lie alone and hungry like this for even a minute in the forest Oh what will we call her mother we will call her Atlanta so the mother bear carried Atlanta to her cave and looked after her like a mother no other animal in the forest attacked the child for they all considered her one of their own soon Atlanta grew up to be a fine playmate for the bear and for the rest of the animals.

(english story) She would race with the Cheetahs and run faster she would climb trees with the monkeys and climb quicker she would hunt with the lions and hunt better Atlanta was strong fearless and wise one day a group of travellers passed through the forest Hey I’m tired truly how much farther oh whoa child what are you doing alone in this thick forest we cannot allow her to remain here we must take her back with us come to our village and live with us Atlanta did not quite understand what they were saying but this was the first time she had seen humans so she was curious she followed them all the way to their village come my wife will be so pleased to see you Maria see who we met in the forest a little girl what was she doing alone in the forest how did you find her what come here dear Maria and John treated Atlanta as though (english story) she was some kind of an angel and Atlanta learned fascinating things at the village she did go back to the forest but she would return to the village and seemed to have two families one in the forest with the animals and one in the village with John Maria and other humans years went by and Atlanta grew up to be a strong powerful beautiful maiden as sharp as Swift as ever.

(english story) Now, Let us pause Atlanta’s story for a little while and go to another land a kingdom that belonged to a very powerful and a very noble king called honest your highness this year we have had a huge harvest of grapes and wheat our greater ease our overflowing with green and our orchards are laden with fruit this year the prosperity of our kingdom will increase a hundredfold it is all due to the blessings of the angels and spirits of nature that we have had such a bountiful year let a carnival be organized a place be given to every very angel and spirit and let everyone bring the best of their harvest to be offered to them as Thanksgiving and gratitude Oh father that is such a beautiful idea I shall personally look into all the arrangements so all the citizens of the kingdom got together with their prince and organised a truly grand carnival in the fields and vineyards they built altars for all the fairies angels (english story) and spirits altar for cirrus who had shown men how to sow grain and one for Bacchus who had told them about the grape and one for winged footed mercury who comes in the clouds and one for thena the queen of the air and one for the keeper of the winds and one for the giver of light and one for the king of the sea and one which was the they kept their largest bunches of grapes and their finest grain in each of the altars finally they built a fire and offered it all into the flames believing that the smoke that blew up rose right up to the skies carrying their gifts please accept our heartfelt humble gratitude for all your blessings sounds of drums all the people of the kingdom went home with a glad heart thinking that they might have pleased all the fairies angels and spirits but they hadn’t the people of this country had forgotten the fairy Diana the keeper of the (english story) woods and Diana was not happy about that what an insult duped the humans realize that it is the woods and forests that bring them the bounty of rains preserve the soot and fertility of their lands how dare they insult my first sand they’re creatures like that great keeper of the forests how would you like to punish them we will punish them they will pay that night the citizens of the country went to bed peacefully little did they know the havoc that was coming to them what was that I have never heard anything like that devastating ever all the villagers came out of their homes with torches of fire and what did they see a creature so terrible that they had never seen before they tried scaring it with torches but that only made it angrier he ran wildly on the field ripping apart the freshly cut crop and destroyed it it stamped mercilessly on the sacks of grapes destroying the crops the villagers were horrified they went to the king your majesty terrible creature is laying waste to all our fields and orchards creature it looks like a boar but it is not a bountiful harvest that we had this year so much of it is destroyed if we do not stop this creature soon we shall lose everything this after the fairies angels and spirits have been so kind to us your highness in the carnival when we built altars for the fairies angels and spirits we must have forgotten someone the King went over the list of the spirits fairies and angels we forgot the keeper of the woods we became so obsessed with our fields and orchards that we forgot the importance of forests and trees and its creatures twice no wonder she is punishing us organize (english story) a grand festival in the honor of fairy Diana the keeper of the woods the people of the kingdom got together to pay their respects to the keeper of the woods bury Diana but just as they lift the ceremonial fire the great boar appeared and stepped it out screaming and screeching from the place even the king and Prince were horrified Barry Diana appeared before them I accept your apology but you have offered it only because your precious crops are getting destroyed try and capture my ball when your people live in its constant fear and don’t know how to control it they will never again disrespect the forest and its creatures I shall go to capture the creature no father the carnival’s were my responsibility I shall go and capture the creature very well but you will not be able to do it alone you must have a team of the best hunters and warriors with you so messages were sent throughout the kingdom and even to neighboring ones requesting assistance from the best hunters and warriors there on the appointed day all of them gathered to meet with the prince can you believe it a boar whose high does not burn in fire or it pierced by an arrow a bar who has destroyed almost all the crops of this kingdom I cannot wait to hunt the creature down I am certain all of this is an exaggeration why would the king exaggerate the information and call the best hunters and warriors of his own and other kingdoms a woman talking about hunting (english story) that is weird maybe you have lost your way this is a gathering of hunters and warriors and that is exactly why I am here are you looking for a husband this is not the right time you know meet me after I have captured the board we shall see in the forest or are you just too scared to see a girl capture the precious boar and you hide behind anger welcome gentlemen and milady we need your help we will not help you if she goes along – yes if she is there we will all leave in that case I cannot force you to stay if you do not have the courage to accept that a woman may be as powerful as you are or maybe more than you do not have the courage to face the mighty boar decide once and for all will you stay or leave the hunters stayed and the team went to look for the wild boar they saw it head into the forest we will not kill it all we have to do is to capture it hence dip all your arrows in this this will make the creature unconscious they entered the forest they climbed the trees or hid behind rocks one hunters shot an arrow at the future the arrow broke into two on coming in contact with its tough hide the board became agree that he ripped out the tree on which the hunter party he was just about to attack the hunter when Atlanta jumped on his head and pierced a spear in its side with such speed and strength that the form whooped the Prince dashed out another arrow in the creature and the boar fell unconscious it was put in a metal cage after Atlanta applied medicine to its wounds then you will be fine now maybe fairy Diana will be pleased oh yes I am pleased I am pleased that you treated my bow with such compassion and I am pleased with you Prince for seeing the worth of a woman and not judging her as weak just because she is a lady i blessed that all the bounty be returned to your land thank you great keeper of the woods we are so sorry for disrespecting you we have now learnt our lesson never again shall we forget the importance of forests trees and its creatures in our lives the king was happy and the entire country rejoiced they gave special places of honor to Atlanta for saving their land there was feasting and dancing all night you were wonderful out there and so are you you gave me the first most important blow I must go back soon oh yes but can’t you stay for just a few more days I please I would really like to get to know you that is if you don’t mind I guess a few days is all right we can explore the forests together sure it was an honor to hunt with you yes for me too. (english story)

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