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(english story) The dreamcatchers once upon a time in the midst of our world lived a group of magical creatures known as the dream catchers like do you ever have the most amazing dream where your deepest wishes are being fulfilled and when you wake up you can only remember small bits well that’s the work of a dream catcher look there’s one in action right now oh my Mariana is so pretty I don’t think she’ll notice me oh she’s so beautiful hi Jimmy you’re so cute here this is for you what a cute dream little buddy don’t you worry I’m just gonna keep this for you safe and sound yep that’s what they do they keep your dreams in a bottle that is to keep the evil Magnus away from invading those dreams and turning them into horrific nightmares years passed and the (english story) dream catchers would spread their aura through the night protecting people’s dreams until one night Magnus had shown himself.

Once again I love this particular nightmare it’s so much fun it’s okay kid you’re all right we have a situation let’s all gather at the headquarters later tonight so later that night the dreamcatchers met up in their lair to discuss ways to stop Magnus from raising havoc they debated and argued all night trying to find the right way to defeat Magnus we need to destroy Magnus there has to be a way Mendel is right we need solutions and now every night that Magnus is out (english story) there thousands of kids suffer the debate went on and on and on awake that person there that’s Sonia one of the most powerful magical beings in the universe if anyone has the sheer wit and power to devise a plan to defeat Magnus it’s her all of those who vote to choose suddenly a huge shadow surrounded everyone and dark storms blew through the room they heard a loud scream and then there were silence the shadow storm had cleared and Sonia had disappeared ah oh no Sonia she’s gone make this took her what do we do now the dream catchers were really disturbed by what had happened and tried to find a way to save Sonia Mendel used his magical inferno to find whatever traces of Sonia that he could but it was all in vain meanwhile Magnus had taken Sonia back to his lair and trapped her in a room you cannot keep me here forever one day my dream catchers will come and they will defeat you not if I capture them first he will soon take over love the dream and they will be mine to play with oh yeah so while the evil Magnus was laughing away like a madman Sonia thought of a brilliant plan to defeat him Sonia closed her eyes and sent a message into the air in the form (english story) of a magical bird I hope this reaches someone in time before it’s too late the magical bird flew through the night sky and into the house of a man who asleep and entered this dream it was none other than our little boy Timmy who we saw earlier yep he’s all grown up now beard and all that finally I can watch some set flicks and just chill Timmy who who is that I don’t have much time my name is Sonia I am what you call a dream catcher and I’ve been captured by a mean monster I need you to go down to the waterfall in the West and walk into it on the other side you will find my people go to Mendel and tell him that you are chosen what was that strange what this is the same thing I saw in my dream suddenly the dreamcatcher began to sway just as it did in the dream this can’t be I must go to the dream catchers now. (english story)

I’m so Timmy made his way to the waterfall and as instructed he went in and walked right up to Mendel hey Jimmy how did you get here I had a dream and and and this lady son yeah yes she told me that I was chosen yeah wait why am I telling you this if you already know it you have been chosen for a very important task the evil monster Magnus has captured Sonia our leader and we need to save her and stop Magnus from giving everyone only nightmares (english story) you are our only hope but why me what makes me so special your dreams Timmy they say a lot about a person and his heart and you are a kind humble soul hence we have chosen you but why can’t you do it with his magical staff Magnus can put dreamcatchers straight to sleep in an instant only the chosen one can defeat him here take this this is a special amulet known as the spinarak keep it close and it will protect you from Magnus attacks and help you defeat him too all you have to do is say spinarak attack just then Mendel’s magical inferno started up in front of all what’s that that is Magnus he is out there again while looking for Sonia I chanted a spell to track Magnus for us to find him when he surfaces looks like he is attacking one of our own it’s Arlo let’s go Mendel snapped his fingers and he Antony appeared before Magnus I was just about to capture one but now I get to drink catchers Lady Luck really loves me doesn’t she Timmy see in a flash Mendel and olara fell to the ground hello there Timmy who and what do we have here don’t take another step I’m warning you and what are you going to do huh me with this little ornament Oh No what was (english story) that spell spinarak charge so much oh no um spinarak help me.

I’m gonna get you this time yeah huh you think you can attack me that’s it spinarak attack huh all the powers were sucked out of Magnus and into the staff this made him frail and weak and he fell to the ground I am the chosen one is my duty (english story) to make sure the people of this world are kept away from evil creatures like you the dreamcatchers gained their consciousness and looked at Timmy standing with the staff floating by his side Magnus was captured and was held prisoner back at the DC headquarters and Sonia was back on her throne safe and sound Timmy I knew I did the right thing by choosing (english story) you saved us all and all the little kids too so I have something for you here is your very own suit if you choose to accept it does this mean yes I get to be a yes do all dream catchers interrupts sentence yes answer Timothy Turner became the first human number of the dream catchers spreading his magical essence into the dreams of little kids helping them have good dreams every night and protecting them from evil monsters like Magnus. (english story)


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