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[2019] Best free online earning tips

Hello Friends, Today, I’ll show you, how can earning (earn) money online so let’s start:-

Online Earning website, Tips And Tricks 2019

10 Ways to Earn Money Online (free & Paid Method):-

1) Make Money with Blogging

Friend’s, If you like a written book/articles so I think blogging is a perfect way of earning online.

Now, you think how can start blogging so I can explain how can start blogging step by step:-

* First of all, you can open in your internet browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.

* Then, you can sign up or sign your google account means Gmail account in blogger site.

* Then, you can create your blogger, first of all, you can select a unique blogger name like viral article service and then you can select your blogger URL as like you can see, In this domain first part is your blogger domain name & 2nd part is blogger self add (.blogspot).

* Now, You can think why blogger ADD (.blogspot) because can you use blogger hosting & Domain because blogger adds this particular word in your URL Address.

* If you remove this (.blogspot) word in our domain name so you can purchase your domain.

* After complete, Your blogger account you can post an article in your blogger site.

* Then, After 2-3 month you can achieve 1000 visitor per day in your blogger site then, you can apply for Google Ad-sense Account (After writing 20-25 article in your blogger website) approval when your blogger account has been approved so you can earn money by Advertising.

2) Solved Captcha

You can solve captcha problem, you can search many companies is available in India

If you have free time (1 hour per day) then you can add extra income in your bank account by working as a captcha solver. Top 10 Captcha Company In India

Online Earning With Solved Captcha job 2019

3) Make Money with Online Surveys

You can make money by completing surveys. Many types of surveys as like small and big so If you can do all type of surveys so you can earn a high income in a short period of time.

Any small surveys you can easily complete in only for 10 to 20 min. Basically, Time depends upon a particular company requirement.

you can write only feedback in every survey and You can earn $0.5 to $45 depending on the survey length.

Online Earning With Solved Survey job 2019

4) Earn with Affiliate Marketing

If you can earn money by Affiliate Marketing so you can start hard working, without hard working you can’t earn a big amount.

This type of Marketing is famous as compared to online shopping company like :- FlipkartSnapdealAmazone-bay, etc.

In affiliate marketing, you are simply helping customers to buy the right and perfect product with including more discount (Also Include 3% to 25% commission).

Online Earning With Affiliate Marketing 2019

5) Become a freelancer

Freelancer is the most popular way to make money after blogging & affiliate marketing. First of all, you can create an account in the freelancer website, after creating an account you can apply to work in a different company in freelancer. As a freelancer, you can work with a small company to a big company on a work basis.

Freelancers can make $350 to $5000+ per month depending on the type of freelance jobs

You can work as a content writer, website design, graphics designer, write an ebook, write the article (website article and blogger article) or provide services like SEO, Data entry, video testimonials, Digital marketing, etc.

Online Earning With Freelancer 2019

6) Writing Job

Writing job is a better way to earn money online on the internet through writing a different type of writing as ebook writing, articles writing, etc. You can get paid differently type of written work.

Normally people get paid $10 to $22+ for writing 500 words content.

If you don’t have writing skills then you can learn freelance writing jobs. You can go to sites like UpWork, Freelance writing, etc.

Online Earning With Writing jobs 2019

7) Become a YouTuber

YouTube is the best option for earn money online, First of all, you can start a YouTube Channel upload some super quality videos after completed YouTube policy like (First of all, You have completed 1000 subscriber, 4000 hr 10,000 views) after completed you can earn money online without waste long time.

You can create a different type of video as like prank, comedy, drama base, education base travel base, etc.

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8) Become an online seller

Basically, It’s not only for traditional selling you don’t have to sell more items in your local market but the online market, you can sell unlimited items without any problems.

Online Market Advantage is:- 

”You can sell your product in any another country without including Tax/paper formalities”

You can sell your items to create your own website or using affiliated marketing like Amazon, Flipkart.

You can easily find out the wholesalers and distributors only online marketing. You can list our items on Amazon, Flipkart, etc any online shopping company in India or World.

Online Earning With Online Seller 2019

9) Provide training & consultancy

If you can provide online training so you can earn a high amount in monthly if you have some high skills that person need so you can start a self online training center.

You can provide the different type, of course, like website development, articles writing, SEO, Digital Marketing, On-Site SEO, Off-Side SEO, Spoken English, etc, You can promote your business through a website easily. 

Online Earning With Provide Online Training 2019

10) Sell photos online

If you can use a smartphone so you can click a high class photo like animals, nature, zoo, city, water, pollution, person, home, dishes, etc. in anywhere you see & sell those photo online company as iStockPhoto, Photobucket, Shutterstock, Fotolia, photo bazaar, etc. When anybody can purchase your photo so you will get paid as per the price in the photo.

Online Earning With Sell Online Photos 2019
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